Our Story

We are a family breeder of AKC Basset Hounds, both American and European. Nearly seven years ago we decided we wanted to add a fur baby to our family. I had shared with my husband how at a very young age I had fell in love with my aunt and uncle’s basset hound. She was the most adorable dog and from that moment it had always been my dream to have one. We did some research on the breed, but looking back probably not quite enough. Lol.

After searching for a while we found a breeder and began the process of adopting a female puppy. We brought her home and immediately the entire family fell in love with her. Her name is Lucy. It took us a few months and more research to learn that basset hounds do better when they have a playmate or a pack which is when we decided to get our second basset. And from there we have grown to a pack of thirteen. Yes, you heard right. Thirteen! We currently have four males and nine females and we love each and every one of them!

They are not kept in cages or chained up. Since it isn’t feasible to have all of them in our house all the time, we have built them their own house (or doggie condo as some of our friends refer to it) complete with heat & air conditioning, a bath tub, grooming table and more. We are working to update our website and plan to have pictures posted soon.

In the beginning, we were confused in thinking we were owning the best breed of dogs by becoming basset hounds owners. Little did we know they were the ones who owned us! So now it is our desire to share this food stealing, attention hog, comical, loyal and loving breed with everyone.